Project Management

A successful project requires interdisciplinary management that recognizes and efficiently controls the project progress throughout its entire duration. We accompany you throughout the project lifecycle, employing proven management methods to ensure long-term project success.

Through optimized process structures and streamlined organizational structures, we ensure sustainable, time- and cost-efficient implementation even for complex projects, fully tailored to your needs.

Expert Information

In the scope of our project management activities, we accompany projects using common industry and avionics standards. The methodologies employed allow for efficient and long-term successful management of interdisciplinary projects and teams. Data-driven decision-making based on solid data and analysis, as well as careful planning and budgeting, are integral to our approach. We enable effective work through lean management, agile and traditional management techniques, and their corresponding methods.

Our focus lies on data acquisition and process design built on our industry knowledge to enable optimized process and project design. We offer our services as part of a comprehensive project or as individual modules.

Quality Management

We place great importance on quality assurance, both in terms of our processes and our products. Continuous monitoring of processes and results ensures consistent, norm-compliant actions and early error detection in all areas of our company, meeting our high-quality standards.

To ensure our high product-related quality standards, quality assurance is intensively integrated into our projects as an integral part of our quality management. This integration begins at the project planning stage via the integral processes of common aviation standards such as RTCA DO-254 or RTCA DO-178C.

Expert Information

To ensure the quality of our products, we adhere to aviation standards such as DIN EN 9100:2018 and LBA Part 21G in the development and production of components and equipment. Digital and automated processes take center stage to ensure the highest level of traceability and accountability for results. We optimize our processes driven by data and ensure compliance with standards.

Maintaining our DIN EN 9100 and LBA Part 21G certifications is a crucial factor in our quality management. We continuously adjust structures and processes to the latest regulations and laws, aligning the product lifecycle with customer satisfaction and sustainability. Our customer-oriented approach is characterized by transparency, and we always strive to further develop our portfolio because we believe that standing still means moving backward.


Do you need a competent partner to realize your project? We provide individual support in implementing your ideas. Upon request, we prepare solution concepts or alternative methods, optimize existing processes, or provide advice and assistance to you and your team.

With innovative concepts, technical expertise, and experience, we accompany you from the application process to the completed certification.

Our team has extensive experience and supports you throughout the entire product development process. We also stand by your side as a specialist on the path to certification, during verification tests, and in the field of environmental testing.

Through optimized processes and streamlined organizational structures, we can ensure sustainable, cost- and time-optimized implementation, flexibly tailored to your needs, even for complex projects.

Test Equipment Engineering

From planning to production, we offer individually developed test facilities created according to your requirements and optimized through our expertise—all from a single source! We value the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Through optimized processes, flexibility, and experience, we provide effective solutions for your application.

Our experienced engineers and technicians design customized facilities, from manual user-controlled test equipment to automatic test facilities. Depending on the application, test protocols can be generated through integrated PC interfaces.

Upon request, our qualified personnel can also conduct commissioning or functional tests and provide training to your team on the proper handling of the test facility.

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